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    Actually.....Analog Circuits do clipping and Digital Circuits only model how clipping would have affected a signal. So both Hard and Soft Clippings are possible in Digital. I am an Electronics Engineer and a practising professional and I sure understand clippings and modellings

    In your explanation, you have categorized Transistors towards Digital at least that's how I understood what you wrote.....Transistor based pedals are those Analog Pedals you use, like the most covetted Tubescreamer is based on a simple Opamp uA741 / RC741 / JRC741.

    Digital is entirely a different ball game. The incoming signal is coverted to a stream of bits which are manipulated upon like mimicking clipping and other transformation......

    Anyway, lets close if off here......You are taking it to a different plane....I never claimed Digital is better or Analog is better. I myself use a huge bunch of Analog Pedals. I was just debating on the point when you said Digital is unreal and my point was those pedals are equally unreal as the Analog Pedals...
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    I know, I also have a bit of background in electronics.

    By digital I mean to say transistor or opamp based circuits. Since musicians tend to call that digital, and I was not aware of your credentials, I used that term. The topic should have been tube vs trans, eh?

    And ya, lets close it here.

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    No WAIT!

    The differnce between digital and analog equipment, is not whta audience hear, its what the player feels while playing.

    Even if you make the best digital emulator, that ppl cannot distinguish in the double-blindfold test, you cannot emulate the feel that a player will get fomr his favorite peice of equipment.

    Now we can close this discussion/thread.
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    Ah Alpha, you had to barge in.......

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    ^He always Does


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