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Thread: AMP wanted

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    Jun 2008

    AMP wanted

    Hey guys, well hell yeah as the title states I'm looking for an amp just for personal use maybe something between 20-40 watts.

    Anyone got any offers lemme know people..........

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    Jun 2006
    What genre/style, what guitar and effects are you planning to use in between?
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    Jun 2008
    well genre and style.......... havent payed attention to that, as far as effects are concerned, got a couple of self made boxes being made...I think just a decent amp would to.. have no intention of bringing the house down.

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    Dec 2008
    Whr r u based?
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    i trade weed.... any buyers??

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    Jun 2008
    well distorted , i'm based in aurangabad but can work out something if it seems good.

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    Jun 2008
    distorted got an amp you wanna sell? lemme know mate... if you're in delhi..i could have someone pick it up or if your'e in mumbai.. i could work something out.. just answer man..............

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    Jul 2004
    I think hes got only weed to sell..
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    Jun 2008
    damn man ambush...... i could take the weed as distorted how many pots of weed you selling...........................freaking wanna blow the joint off.............. hahha



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