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Thread: Amp to Comp

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    ok there should be a Creative control panel....go there and there should be an EQ for all ur needs like

    Speaker Level
    Mic Level etc etc..

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    ^^ I know
    Creative doesn't really provide ASIO drivers for their cards. The drivers that need to be used for low latency are provided by the kxproject and asio4all. The kxproject replaces the Creative Mixer (which, btw is linked to the windows mixer anyway). It also provides a few extra panels like dsp and routing where you can control the routing of ASIO inputs and outputs which I did, but there is still a problem with the level of input while playing through GR2. Without GR2 I can simply unmute the playback line in volume, and switch to a patch on my 707II and play. What I wanted to see were the amp sims and also to some extent the drive modules because though my speakers sound better than a Stranger Cube 20M they still sound like shit for the guitar.


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