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    Advice reqd on starting out


    I've been listening to Metal for bout 8 years now .... n am into bands like Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Obituary ... n a bit of sampling slow doom metal like Electric Wizard.

    But I'm an absolute n00b when it comes to PLAYING that kinda stuff. N intend to change that. I can go upto 16k for a rig including a guitar, amp n tuner.

    Going by my limited know-how I figured buying a pack would make more sense that buying each hardware individually ... so have zeroed in on 3 of them, all ESP (from bajaao), the F-10, the M-10 and the Viper-10. I need help figuring out which of them I should buy. N also a review on them if anyone has used these guitars.

    Also if anyone can guide me thru buying the guitar/amp/tuner individually, if such a mix-n-match combo would be better than buying a pre-assembled package, I'd be very grateful. But I can't go beyond 16 grand. Oh n I'm based in Mumbai, btw.

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    The packs are nt gud at all...
    Try getting a ibanez 170dx, a marshall amp wid inbuilt distortion... Thou this gear is nt among the best, but considering the budget this is wt u can get...
    So u can save sum more n wait fr the processor...
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