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    Lightbulb advice me to buy semi-acoustic guitar .. please

    hi Friends
    i want to know ke . semi-acoustic guitar lete ho .. kin points ko nazer mian rukhna ho ga jiss mian mian acha Guitar le sakoon .. i means brand name ke elawa kya point dekhne ho gain muje guitar lete ho .. tell me ... please jaldi please
    Allah hafiz
    what who how when why where .... do you have answer

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    The first point u need to see is whether u NEED an Acoustic-Electric (aka semi acoustic). I mean are you going to do some recordings and use some minor effects, or is it just to be on the safe side tht u MIGHT need to use em in future. If later is the case, then skip acoustic electric, and grab a decent acoustic guitar. U can get a soundhole pup for it later.

    I see u live in Gulberg Lahore. Im from Lahore too. So i'll end the story for u.

    If u NEED an Acoustic-Electric:

    Dont even THINK of going to Qasim (Guitar World. Pace 2nd floor shop + one opp. Al Fateh in Liberty) . Hez gonna rip ur butt off. Either get hold of someone who has some decent experience with guitars, and go to old city (Heera Mandi). They have some surprisingly great sounding guitars for around 6000 there. Otherwise, go to Pakistan Electronics right next to Guitar World Liberty. He has some alright typo guitars there. Try em out one by one, and dont be hasty. Hez gonna start packing the first guitar u touch. Get a Sojing or Starsun. And DONT pay him more than 5000. 6000 is last limit. If no, then cancel the deal.

    If u decide upon an Acoustic:

    Go to Qasim's Liberty Shop. Check out the black Epiphone hangin near the left corner. Dont touch teh Ibanezes, theyre fake, except the shit-yellow one (Performance series), its 20,000+, probably above ur budget. Pay him 8000 - 9000 for Epiphone n get the hell outta there. Dont look at the Yamahas there. They're fake. Hez gonna show u a Taylor (without a bolt-on neck!! Hope u got wht it is..), which sucks big time. Also there are some other better acoustics, but I dont remember their brands (or positions, lolz), but go there too with someone experienced. Good luck. If any more trouble, PM me, or check my signature. Peace out.

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    if u really wanna an electro acoustic... get it...
    dont bother getting an acoustic and then getting an under saddle pick up fitted... it just aint hte same...
    i got an alhambra 3g elctro-classical cutaway.
    but if u are goin 4 an electro acoustic, then def go 4 built in pick up from manufacturer
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