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    rajeshguitar is offline Pro Tabber
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    Oct 2010

    Acoustic electric guitar

    I am in the process of buying an acoustic electric guitar.
    Max price $350

    I have short listed:

    Applause by Ovation AE-125
    Yamaha AXP500II

    Any recommendation, comments are appreciated

    Thank you

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    rahulsahu's Avatar
    rahulsahu is offline Beginner
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    Jul 2011
    The guitars you choosed are very good .. and i may saw the AE - 125 is better ad on higher side as compared to AXP500 II ... So you may go for it ...

    But i may suggest you buying a hollow body guitar rather then Electro - Acoustic ....

    You can simply buy a Hollow Body Electric at that price.... and get a good sound too ........
    ThE FuNnIEsT ThINg AbOut tHIs pARtiCuLAr sIGnAtuRE iS ThAt bY tHe tIMe yOU rEaLIZe iT DoEsN'T sAy anYTHiNG AND iT'S tO laTE tO sTOp rEaDINg

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    rajeshguitar is offline Pro Tabber
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    Oct 2010
    Thanks Rahul. Any recommendations for the hollow body guitars?

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    Jul 2006
    The Applause 125 has a very shallow body if I remember correctly. It won't do you any good as an acoustic.

    If you don't have urgent requirements to plug in your guitar I'd recommend you buy an acoustic guitar, because a part of the cost of an acoustic-electric comes from the pickup and preamp system, and at that price range you're likely compromising both on the quality of the guitar and the electronics, for example the Nato wood used on the Yamaha.

    Look into the Walden G550, or the D550CE if you're inclined towards acoustic-electric. Solid spruce top, mahogany body, nitro finish with Fishman pickup and preamp.
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    rajeshguitar is offline Pro Tabber
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    Oct 2010
    Thank you, thehundredthone.



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