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    HellFeuer is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2006

    5w tube amps in india?


    Any idea where (if) I can get a small 5w tube amp in india (delhi/bombay pref). Something like the Peavey Valve king royal 8 (and there are a few more, epiphone etc..).

    Or, any websites that deliver amps to india?

    I need it as a practice amp only, and i'm pretty sure this will be loud enough. Also I can't currently afford anything bigger

    o and any idea about availability of DOD pedals? specifically the YJM308?

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    thepacifist2013 is offline V.I.P Member
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    May 2008
    If you find 5w tubies anywhere in India, let me know too !
    My gear, currently up for sale
    Washburn X-16 anarchy - SOLD!!
    Zoom 707II
    Digitech RP50.
    duncan pickups - I wonder why Im selling these.



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