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    -i see sound- is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2007
    YEAH IT IS hence the recent purchase of a hand signed 1982 classic fuzz pedal.
    its gonna sound great alongside the ts-808.

    your thoughts ?

    All the best

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    umangu is offline Guitarist
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    May 2005
    Perth (Australia)
    The JCM800 is suppossed to be much better than the 900.

    But why pay more for vintage? The DSL/TSL series is awesome. Also look at the 3 new ranges - JVM, Mode 4 and Vintage modern.

    Though if I had to buy a Marshall, I would probably go for the TSL cuase it has everything the vintage Marshalls can do and can't do. Heck, it even has a gain on the clean channel!
    Have you seen my handmade guitar 'The Tirangi'?

    See it at -


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