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    Sanjiv : How is the RG321MH? It looks bloody awesome!! is it similar to the RG321??

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    hey dude, I haven't played the RG321, so I would not know the difference between the normal body and the MH. But in my guitar, I can tell you a few things

    1. The bloody thing holds tune forever, every 7 days I check the tuning, and its never more than 1/4th of a note off.
    2. Its mahogany, but light. You can sling the guitar for 10 hours non stop - serious,
    3. Feels very sturdy, wood, metal everything
    4. The infinity pickups perform better in this guitar than in my ex 370DX. Pinch harmonics are awesome
    5. Good sustain. I tried playing the long harmonic backings on U2's with or wihtout you, its great, just goes on and on.
    6. Clean sound, directly into my Marshall, is also very nice. Lively and sweet sound.
    7. I got the weathered black, its awesome. Its got gunmetal shade in the pickup braces and the bridge and keys, looks awesome. And the finish is not paint, its like a polymer press, matte finish. So no fingerprints, no dust, just awesome. Take a look at the attached pic.

    Quote Originally Posted by laneymaney
    Sanjiv : How is the RG321MH? It looks bloody awesome!! is it similar to the RG321??
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    the only thing i did not like about your rg321 is the finish.

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    Please check and feel it before buying.
    I choose misery.

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