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    Smile [Buying Help] Electric Guitar to play Rock/Metal/Blues

    Hi friends i have been playing acoustic guitar for 1 yr and now i want to move toelectric guitar. I like all kind of songs - metal, rock, gothic rock, blues etc. So which guitar i should buy ? My budget is 20K for guitar and Amp.

    For Amp i like Roland Guitar Amplifier - Cube-15X

    My favourites

    1. Cort X Series X5 Electric Guitar

    2. BC Rich Electric guitar ASM1 PBK

    3. Cort Electric Guitar EVL K-2

    4. ESP LTD EC-50 Electric Guitar

    5. Java EG-70 Fat Strat Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo

    Is there lot of difference between sound quality in low price n high price guitar ? Like is Cort X5 lot better than Cort X2 ? Is it possible to get decent guitar + amp under 13-14K ? I have no intention fo playing in bands but just for my own pleasure.
    Please help! Thanx!

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    first let me tell you that if u're a beginner then there's no point in investing a lot of money in expensive guitar..go for a cheaper and good guitar.. in ur case it can be Yamaha pacifica or a greg bennett or an Ibanez..
    the difference between a beginner guitar and a really nice guitar is the the materials and the parts will all be somewhat cheap in a beginner guitar and the quality of the labor put into it..

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    Has anyone tried GB&A electric guitars ?


    Is it good for a beginner.

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    Ok i went to shop n played Fender, Aria and GB&a guitar. Actually i like GB&A most but my friends say i should not buy it. Why not ? If both sound same then why not GB&A ?

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    GBA is good, better than other guitars in the same budget.
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    Has anyone tried IbanezGRX40, Yamaha Pacifica 012 and Yamaha ERG121U ? Which one is the best in your opinion ?

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    insatanity is offline Guitarist
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    Decide on whether you want a guitar with a Floyd Rose or Tune-O-Matic type bridge.
    ESP guitars are good for metal. You can also check Shecter.
    Floyd Rose guitars have been reported to cause problems with alternate tuning.
    Don't go for GBA or Yamaha.
    Check youtube for demo of the guitars.

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    In my opinion the Pacifica 012 is a decent guitar, the Pacifica 112J and XJ as well. also try Squier California in that budget. I found its tone is pretty decent and it's quite cheap, give it a try before you buy your final guitar.

    And IMHO the cheaper ESPs are not that great, listened to a lot of them and was not impressed.
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