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    overkill is offline Beginner
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    Sep 2010

    the *mightaey, mightaey* roland cube

    Per previous posts, decided on this as an apt amp, picked it up yesterday, 20 watt, Sound Glitz, Mantri Mall.
    First impression, expensive. Pay through the fckng teeth for even moderate foreign equipment in India. 150 usd in the states, 255 here.
    Sonic impression, good. It'll do ya well for private practice. Sounds better than most of the crap you find around Bangalore, including lower end Marshalls, Vox, what have you.
    If you're gigging, outdoors, go higher end. If not, check this one out.

    And f- you, jackass666, for crapping on Fender guitars.

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    JaxyNikil's Avatar
    JaxyNikil is offline Beginner
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    Sep 2010
    The thing about Soundglitz in Mantri Mall is that U cant bargain there......May be coz its in a fancy mall or something.....However Soundglitz in Brigade road is better for bargains.....

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    deepsal is offline Tabber
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    Feb 2011
    Peavey vypyr wins anyday over cube but cube is definately better than mg and spiders

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    255$??? You mean you paid more than it sells for at bajaao.

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    tapas.perti's Avatar
    tapas.perti is offline Beginner
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    Nov 2009
    New Delhi
    @ Overkill: U really paid through ur teeth then, dude ... Coz I enquired about about the Cube 20X and it was costing about 9k max when I asked for it at the shop I buy stuff from ... I eventually bought the Line 6 Spider IV, but I don't know how the hell sm1 openly looted u, bad luck mate, maybe d shop u bought from would be an expensive one then



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