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    and isnt the chapman stick tuned using perfect fourths???

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    The Stick website has around 10-15 types of tunings. You can take your pick.:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by abhijitnath
    Yeah..its the fanned fret system developed by Novax guitars.
    Conklin does a lot of this stuff..for Rusty Cooley's 8 string guitar for instance...otherwise the hight A breaks with a standard scale length. That's an additional reason for the system besides perfect intonation..having strings correctly setup for each string..for example a wound G string is meant for playing that note..even if you pull a unwound G to a G pitch, the string is at some level out of tune with itself..odd numbered harmonics etc.
    I think the lowest sensible note would be a C# at 11 hz or so...thats the frequency for one of the 9 string basses I saw.
    The higher notes wouldn't be a problem of course.

    EDIT: Has anyone else noted how serious, knowledgable discussion has all but died out on the Gear Talk board? And then people complain that IGT is dead.
    The fact suddenly hit me with some force when I saw the Standard Xth level replies to the thread.
    I agree. Gear Discussion is meant to discuss gears - but there is random cr@p like "what is an electric guitar" or "how do I know the difference between my mouth and my @ss"...I hope the mods do a better job - but some of the mod posts are also simialr....
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