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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ak&guitar
    @Aka Oz........yeah man , but the way u say it . i agree.

    @jeky........the way u said it, i felt little bad , u made me a bit defensive, then offencive, i woudnt agree even if i knew i was wrong............sorry for that......but seriosly if u talk like that then ................ok i dont want to start a fight here. its ok. peace.

    @bleeding................research huh?

    MEAning in :

    HIndi : AAKaash - AGni - VAyoo - priThvi - JAL
    uRdu : AAsmaa - AAg - haWa - Zameen -PANI

    AWerite :Rock:

    sorry , plz get back to the topic now.
    i dont mind a verbal volley of abuses

    the reason is that i dont take anything personally ... n seriously on internet ...

    so ... u abuse me if u want ... i will only enjoy ...

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    Aug 2005
    Simple man... it was something that wasnt done bfore
    that kind of music wasnt done, specially for this genereation =D

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    Aug 2005
    And it was definitely not luck :p
    becuz songs like waqt by ep
    and pukaar by call were out too
    but aadat appealed more to people and still does, i luv that song :D

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    Jul 2005
    banyaan circle
    but what is it that u love the song for?

    dont tell "the song is great"

    tell me one thing
    a : k

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    Mar 2005
    Aadat...the lyrics and tune is quite catchy. the song simply touches everyone's heart, as they are livin there lifes in a contineous pattern. and they have to say "Aab to aadat se hai aasay jinay main" . i hope u got my point. its almost a complete song, got everything in it. vocals, guitar, rhythm, everything.. Jl rocks

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    Dec 2005
    new delhi...india
    i really love that song.......everything is perfect....the voice...the strumming.... and yeah....jal means water and burn......
    mein jal peeta hoon...(here it means water)
    usne mere dil ko jala diya(here it means burn.....)
    sometimes, majority means that all the fools are on one side....


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