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    shergeel is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2005
    Hello all,
    i'm very surprised at the wild guesses of some and the ignorance of others.
    First of all let me tell you that mizraable is only one guy, it's not a band, it's not two or three or more people. He's underground, and his name is not rameez. I've known him personally for 3 4 years now. I heard the song long before it was released on internet, and i can't disclose his name for obvious reasons. Mizraable is composed of only one guy, he is a singer, and has been playing guitar for many years, and can also play keyboards. His drums are sequenced, and so is the bass through keyboards. The parody was created because he felt that mizraab did not do justice to the song, and in his opinion was horrible, so he decided to make fun of mizraab. Rameez is a die hard fan of mizraab and faraz anwar, and has nothing to do with mizraable. By the way, it is pronounced as miserable (mizraable). I can't disclose the name or the identity for obvious reasons, and please don't ask me any more questions regarding him. I am not making up anything, and i know that guy personally and he's a good friend of mine.

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    shergeel is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2005
    In response to xplosvie, he doens't live in california, his name doesn't start with A and last name with N, and he is NOT left handed, i'd check on the guitar and the amp, and tell you later. He uses motu 828, and Cubase sx as the software

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    m_waleed86's Avatar
    m_waleed86 is offline KhaMosh GhuStAk
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    Jun 2005
    hmmm.......didnt know that!!!
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    shergeel is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2005
    well, now u do

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    rockmetalz's Avatar
    rockmetalz is offline Be water, my friend
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    Apr 2005
    shergeel u also know nothin about mizraable so better keep silence

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    systembug is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2006
    mizraable is messed up....y the hell do they care!!!!!im a fan of faraz anwar and mizraab!!! did any1 lissen to his solo album "abstract point of view" if u didnt u cant say he only knowzhow to shred and not compose!

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    jijo is offline Beginner
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    Jun 2004
    My friends i havent actually heard the Mizraab version of the song but am sure Mizraab musnt be really aiming at making fun of it . The very fact that they have played it in their own way shows importance the song has for them.Theoriginal i think was sung by Junaid Jamshed (correct me if i am wrong)

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    sam_guitar's Avatar
    sam_guitar is offline Guitarist
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    May 2005
    Gulberg, Lahore
    from where i can download the song of mizraab or mizrable whatever u say .. anyways .. mizraab nand is nice .. new song of theme ujalon main is awesome lyrics and guitar solo. .keep rocking
    what who how when why where .... do you have answer

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    shak's Avatar
    shak is offline Harrr!
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    Dec 2004
    acorn guts
    i know this guy rameez, used to be on this board as well, preaching for that absolutely hopeless/worthless faraz anwar and his music ..

    i remember he couldnt defend it much and left soon ... pathetic person if you ask me.

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    d_ist_urb_ed's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Near Philly, Undisclosed location
    Who's miserable?..... I AM!
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