Hello Everyone, I posted in the Form your Band section, but nobody seems to be interested in visiting that thread so Im posting here.

Ive been playing for about 7 years (guitars) and played a various gigs in and around the UK covering Pakistani rock bands. Now I am moving back to Dubai, where I want to make some originals and record covers at my own time and leisure.

I am looking for someone who can write and sing ideally! any instruments playing would be handy. It could turn out to be a band who knows. but right now I am looking for someone who can spare an hour or so on the weekends and record vocals for me.

I am not a professional myself, especially in recording or putting a song together so I hope we can learn together and work together and create something amazing.

If you are interested please record a song of your choice and send me an email on:



Opening up for Bilal Khan at UCL London 2012 me on guitars: (this could be you!)