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Thread: Two Jal Songs

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    Cool Two Jal Songs

    Hey Guys!

    THis is my first ever post. I want the tabs of JAL latest songs:

    Bikhra Hoon Mein

    I wud be grateful if u post them

    Double A

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    framed is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2004
    bikhra hoon mein / has addat's chords . wohi waalay as far as i know

    panchi . is . C G E C ( im not sure about them . but working on them )

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    nocturnal is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2004

    Bikhra hoon mein?!

    bikhra hoon mein doesnt have the aadat chords..not the starting anyway. i wanted to know the tabs of this song too..i just love the bit they have added after the part when he goes..teri saanson me gum hoon abhi..meri chahat adhori hai.. i really need the chords of tht. Any guitar whiz out there..plzzz help me out.. i want to play this version in a performance i have in a few days. i can play aadat with my left tht perfect with it! but this new thing theyve added..any1 out there who can help? and also i know the starting is done on flute or keyboards or whatever..but has any1 tried it on the guitar? Some1 be a lifesaver and tab this 1 for me!

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    hani13 is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2004
    nocturnal is rite
    its diff chords in the beginning



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