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    SUB: EP - Waqt GP5/GP4/MIDI

    Hey guys, its been a while. I don't know how many of you were around in 2007 but back then I did a guitar pro of Waqt that was rather well received. Here's the link:

    EP - Waqt Guitar Pro and MIDI

    However, that was three years ago and now I know a lot more about tabbing and music in general so I fixed the mistakes in my old tab... and there were a LOT. Anyways, so here's the new tab. Its got all the major instruments and the synth/background effects too.

    I've included GP5 as usual but also GP4 for people with guitar pro 4 and MIDI for people who just want to hear stuff.

    Please comment and crit. You can make requests but its highly unlikely that I will care because these take forever and no one seems to ever be willing to give a helping hand or tell me how good or bad these are.

    PS. If you don't have GuitarPro, fear not. Go download TuxGuitar. Its more or less the same but its free.
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    Check out my tabs:

    Hey guys, would you care to check out my Youtube videos? I play some of the stuff people (and i) tab in here so it could help you with your guitar playing. Otherwise, you can just check it out for the heck of it. :) Thanks

    I shall head the guitar pro awareness program... lol



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