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    req: streben Janay Aur

    hey guys, i wonder if anyone has heard of this band called streben(dubai based) and their song janay aur. If someone can tab out the song, esp the opening riff, that will be amazing..

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    abu dhabi
    Its ma own wrk.......the song is on Drop D tunin

    I HE strummin B5 (755xxx) Distortion first..............LEtsG5maj rings then strummin it 2 tymes

    ( he repeat this part at the end toooooooo)

    (play it fast)




    Ply G5 A5 B5 on Drop D tunnin da strummin pattern is DU (use palm mute )
    Bass notes are .. G - A - B...( 3- 5- 7)
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