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    Jun 2005
    chek out orange chords they r better than urs
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    Thanks Lahori_rocker for your advice... but yours comment its a weird one. Cos if you have checked Orange's tab then obviously you must've gone through mine comments too! i right?
    So its a bit foolish to ask me to check out his tabs again. I have provided the judgemental explanation over there very precisely.

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    More information

    Hey dudes. I really love this song and these chords seem perfect. However I need some more information like the rythm and stuff like that so that I can play it properly I was thinking of playing it in a performance in my school here in New Zealand. Could please put all that information up as well. Ill be forever grateful. Thanks oh and I am playing an accoustic guitar.

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    Jul 2007

    Unhappy can u plz sent me guitar tabs for (I love u o sayyoni)

    i really need the tabs for i love u o sayyoni soo plz sent me


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