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    my first ever recording shown here!
    its sajni by jal from the album boond
    please leave comments and suggestions!
    <<<<<<<$0m3 p3opl3 dr3aM oF suCc3s$.......wHil3 Oth3r wAk3 uP AnD w0rk hArD aT iT>>>>>>>>

    <<<y0u cAnNoT d!sCov3r n3w 0c3anS uNl3s$ y0u hAv3 Th3 c0uRag3 t0 lo0s3 siGhT 0f Th3 Sh0r3>>>

    <</*/*/*((Sh3b! «ΩmeGA»))*/*/*/>>‎

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    Dude, excellent work. You remained in tune throughout. Guitar was good and fine. Could get no better than that. I would just like to advise you to speak the words more clearly and try not to press the words. You were not letting the words out. You were kind of, holding them back. Keep it up! I want to see you on stage one day!



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