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    Mtv Pakistan, End Of Im

    ppl i saw this article in daily read it.

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Music Television to open office in Karachi

    By Khurrum Anis

    KARACHI: Music Television (MTV) - the first ever music channel of the world - and still the largest (with over 100 channels) is reportedly getting ready to launch in Pakistan, Daily Times has learnt.

    Wiqar Ali Khan, who is serving as one of the executives of the channel as well as a VJ, said the channel would be formally launched by the end of this year. “I cannot give the exact dates of the launch right now, because we will officially announce our openings when we do. But it is definitely coming to Pakistan,” he said. MTV will arguably be Pakistan’s fourth music channel. Several music channels are already catering to the country’s music needs. Some of the more established ones include ‘The Muzik,’ ‘Indus Music,’ ‘ARY Music.’ Another entertainment channel ‘Strum TV’ will also be reportedly making its mark this year.

    Also, besides these three music channels, other family channels such as ‘Hum TV’ also play songs. Besides, word has it that another news channel is also thinking about launching a music version of its network. Wiqar said MTV would not only concentrate on promoting Pakistani musicians and songs, it would also play songs from around the world. “I believe it is MTV’s policy to bring in a bit of everything, but our priority would be Pakistani music,” he said.

    Wiqar said MTV had over 100 channels catering to music and musicians around the world such as MTV Malaysia, MTV Philippines, MTV Italy, MTV UK. “We will be launching and subsequently working on PTV Pakistan,” he said. The rights for bringing the channel to Pakistan were awarded to Indus Network, he said. “We are in the process of preparing our offices and studios here in Karachi. A lot of TV channels had presented their bids to start and telecast MTV Pakistan, but eventually it was won by Indus,” he said.

    “Indus Music is going international. It will be serving songs of Pakistani artists to an international viewership. It will finish its operations here and will be replaced with MTV Pakistan which would cater to the local audience,” he said talking of the chances of a clash of interest between the two.

    Wiqar also said that international artists such as Sting, Michael Bolton or even Michael Jackson would be brought over to Pakistan through his channel. “MTV will definitely bring international artists here to Pakistan,” he said.

    Head of Indus Music Fariha Chhapra confirmed that the rights for the music channel had been awarded to the Indus Network. “The tentative date for the launch of the channel here is June and July. But things are still being finalised. Jalil Akhtar is heading the project,” she said. Chhapra also confirmed that Indus Music would finish its operations in Pakistan, and would go on to become Indus Music International. She declined to comment further

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    Lol... At least we won't have a hundred over acting vj's from IM



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