i want the song meir tanhaiyon by najam sheeraz
its a very very soul touching song and nto to mention
its very very guitaring kind of song! on chords its it'll sound amazing!

i figures couple of chords but still something is missing
lemmme put it this way

D __________ E D A D
meri tanhaiyon tumhee laga lou mujhko seeney se eee eeee

yeh adho raat ko phir chooriyan se kya khanakti hian

yeh batein kis tarah poochhoon mein sawan kay maheene se

the chord that is misisng is the dash in the first line
apart from that the whole chords are correct 99%

appreciate if some1 help and give comments on the finding of chords for such a beautoifuil song!