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    Orange Guitar's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    lahori is trying his best to increase posts!!!!!!
    Dragon Mistress bit me!

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    falcon eyes is offline Beginner
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    May 2005
    lahori bands r better

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    Tazz is offline Beginner
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    Mar 2005
    yeh rite ...... only if dey can upto sUm rEAl music perhaps their OWN .............

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    Jul 2005
    Well it Was a Very Nice Thread 2 start .I ThinK All The Musik Which Is Having the Base Of Pakistani Musik Comes Frm LAHORE . Cant u See For Ur self E.P, Jal ,Aatif (kutta) ,Call, Noori ,Fuzon's Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan ,Mekaal Hassan (Rock On),& many More...
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    AiSaY LaYeE LaHoRe LaHoRe AaI (ChAk DaI pHaTtAy)

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by shahrukh
    come on son .. i know good music when i hear it .. ican tell a good guitarist from a bad one just like that ...faraz is good shredder ...thats all .. speed is not everything need to have good knowledge of music ... you can play 1000 notes per second and you'll get nowhere. ... faraz plays CRAP music ... he concentrates more on speed than melody ...although some of his songs are OK .. but generally i dont like his music very much ... if he suits you ..well and good ...
    and yeah i am 5 yr old ... :P ... what are ya gonna do about that?

    s0rry i'vent quoted dis jerks p0st b4 , as i just cam across the topic ..... u know the prob wid guys like u nd nadeem far00k paRacha has incommon dat is Music illiteracy , u d0nt know **** abt music or that bandAaz background what he has played in last several yrs ,just runnin ur ****ty mouth...nd where the **** do u see him shreddin except few in maZi haaL mustaqbil ..... go through his pRevious album ( through the passage of time ) U'll know Boy ...... the melodiOus DUR (strings) u all brag abt do u eVen know dat fArAz has played it .....

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    May 2005
    Gulberg, Lahore
    yayyayarrr LAHORE IS GREAT

    JAL Rage EP call RAGE junoon ... and in single ABrar .,.. jawab .. atif ... junain jamsaid... huh a lot of ... in karachi i just like strings ... just. .. and nothing ... so
    Winnner is Lahore ..... you have to admit it

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    Quadrophenia's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    what a dumb thread!..could u not think of anythign better ? besides making ppl fight amongst each other over whose better lahori bands or khi bands.. sign of immaturity..
    have u guys learnt nothing from junoon concerts? or from daur-e-junoon cd..about peace and stuff?.. this is all part of it...peace will spread when we unite..its a disgrace we find it hard to accept ppl from other provinces...
    Stupid stupid stupid!

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    Apr 2005
    abu dhabi
    YAAR WAT EVA KARACHI AND LHR ARE BOTH IN no need for this thread
    BOth bands rockk ..AND THEY BOTH ARE PAKI :>
    [COLOR=Red]GuitarHolic - *One Nation* *UnderGround*[/COLOR]


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