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    Cool Janay kyon (Aaroh-Raag Neela)

    Hello ppl,

    These are the chords from Aaroh's new album (song JANAY KYON.)



    Jaany kyon jalta rahay dil mera
    B E
    jaisay shama aur jaisay koi diya
    A B
    kaash tum say main
    keh dayta jo main na keh saka
    haal mera phir aisa na hota
    A B

    beqaraai hai teri doorie say yeh tu barhti jaigi
    A E B
    yeh shama aisi jo zamanay say hi hai darti jarahi
    A E B

    Janay kyon kehti phiray yeh hawa
    B E
    aik din tu woh mera woh hoga
    A B
    aaj phir say kyon roshan hai yeh aasman
    B E
    koi taara toota tu hoga
    A B
    tootay taray ko samjho dil mera
    A E
    jo phir jorh na payay ga

    doorie teri hai is qadar
    B A
    jalta hai yeh dil mera
    E B
    tu na mili tu teray bina
    B A
    yeh bujh na kabhi payay ga.
    E B

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    gooodie gooood

    these are the same chords i was playing..thanks beqarar
    Certain paths are smooth, gentle, and straight of way,
    Others - rough and twisting, full of thorns -
    Are unavoidable courses of tribulations for ethereal beings??

    Whatever road you choose to take,
    Do not simply walk upon it, but Dance!
    For each pathway is traveled but once.



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