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Thread: jal-woh lamhe

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    jal-woh lamhe

    hey guys this is ugam....tried a lot to get d chords for woh-lahme of jal..but could not get it..plz help me...

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    hey ugam.
    did you try looking on
    here's a link to their version of woh lamhe by jal.

    i havent given it a shot myself.. but it looks pretty decent.

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    wo lamhey 100 % accurate chords

    hi ugam

    saif here

    d chords r

    G#m........................F...................... ..E...............F
    na mein jaanu na tu jaane kaisa hain ye alam koi na jaane

    ONLY These 3 CHORDS have been used in d song.
    d same chord progression is to be followed in each line

    so have fun............

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    just wanted to add that its F# instead of F after G#m

    i'm sorry

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    guyzz pl search before u post a request...
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