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    Apr 2004
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    I did not watch goher playing it, didn't come across the video yet, ive just heard the weird *.wma format once to find a reasonable way to play it. I wouldn't go all the way out to play JAL song, I think ive a life. :D
    I know what i speak, I speak what i know; No apologise.

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    geek my question was aimed at silent sream he said tat he saw a video of goher perforimng the song on the MUSIK. so i was wondering where he saw the video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImR@|\|
    Well may b u ppl can play it.. or may b ur fingers r too long :p... i printed out ur version scream.. n showed it to a professional guitarist.. he said itz not worth playin... n i showed him minez.. he said not perfect but still worth playin..
    Am not sayin it cuz i figured it out... itz juz easy to play ... n if u can play ur own easily den fine .. no comments
    Well, whom u showed it lol. No doubt, Screm, version is hard enuff to play but if u put ur some time in practicing... believe me u'll get them easily . and LOL @ may be we have long fingers LMFAO :D

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    Sep 2004
    @Imran, Never mind bro, u can play it which ever way u feel comfortable, i told ya goher plays it this way, and i say that coz i know him personally.. any way all the best.

    @axlrose: dude i watched it on the viewerschoice show by waqar ali on THE MUSIK, it was Jals dubai trip recording thats where i saw it, and also at his and my house, about 15 times atleast

    @xee : u rock dude, those who have been playing Jal tunes can understand goher's style of music, that is why they 're able to over come the difficult part, so i guess u're one of those Jal die hard fans .. good luck in the future

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    Jul 2004
    thanks silent...i thought u saw it on the net u now how sum sites post the interviews and everything....anyway thanks

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    Oct 2004
    hey wait wait wait.. scream did u posted these chords... for the starting of the song .. when he says humhein itna pyar na karo keh hum mar jaein.. den farhan says humeinnnn itna tanha na karo... ????
    wen he starts the song ... uss kay guitar chords mein nay post kiay hein which are 100 % perfect.. but am not quiet sure abt start of the song while vocaling... plz confirm it !
    | M lܣ |

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    Mar 2004
    LOL I'm confused...NONE of the versions sound nywhere near to the guitaring in the song....or maybe I'm not getting it right....:( *sniff*
    one of my friend's friend:p tabbed it..
    sounds accurate but difficult to hold...I feel bad about posting someone else's work but:S..well IT'S NOT MY WORK:p I hope that helps:D Lol
    it goes:
    7 9 11 x x x
    7 9 12 x x x this is half of the rythm ( okay this is what I can't hold:s)

    3 5 5 x x x
    3 5 7 x x x the other half

    good-luck playing I'd appreciate if anyone cud come up with something easier to hold and souding closer to what's played in the song.. happy playing!


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