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    von dutch is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2005

    i wanna know all the chords

    hi guys, i am new here in indian guitar tabs, i ve recently bought a guitar and i am fond od playing it, but the problem is this i don't know to play it, still i can read the notes and play some of the melodies like "teri yaad", "aadat", m.i-2 and 007, but i wanna know all the cords of guitar...................... So any one would like to TEACH me the chords.........PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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    Ajay_mad is offline Newbie
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    May 2005
    hay there
    do u know the basic chords like c ,d,e,f,g,a .tell me what u wanna know about.

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    jogi_84 is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2005
    hmm.. well.. i dont think its as easy as it looks bro, people here can tell u all the chord's ud' ask for, but there are more than jus a few dozen (more like over 600) differnt chords and chord variations. hell u can create ur own chord too. but you CAN learn the chord u NEED to knw from people here. ask and we shall answer.

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    Theguitarist's Avatar
    Theguitarist is offline Beginner
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    Jun 2004
    if you want to learn guitar i would suggest a teacher.It may be hard to find one,so you can teach yourself too.There is a site which think can be of great help

    On the site you can find articles.There are lots of articles you'll defenitly find something usefull.
    "Play these strings till my fingers are raw" - Pink Floyd

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    faiqgiant's Avatar
    faiqgiant is offline .: Innocent :.
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    Feb 2005
    i have a pdf file dat contains almost all da chords, if u gimme ur mail adress i'll e mail dat file

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    Dec 2004
    I think the chord list is here on IGT itself....look for it in threads...not older than 3 for 'chord list' is an attachment...
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    larsan's Avatar
    larsan is offline K-Dash
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    Apr 2005
    hey bro take this chords chart..............i have already posted it on IGT but still for u i have attached the file................this will give u the codes for the every chords u reply me if it workes for ya
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    pure_angel's Avatar
    pure_angel is offline Guitarist
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    Jun 2005
    Install software "GUITAR PRO 4"... it have over 600 chords... simple & chords as well... i think its the best software...



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