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    FahdUS is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2005
    u ppl r so naive to say atif's name in this list
    he's never done any high pitch singing to my knowledge
    And even Ali Azmat admitted Najam is the best vocalist in Pakistan.
    And I agree with Ali.
    Najam is number 1.
    then Ali Azmat.
    thats it.
    and Ali Noor sang some stuff in his new album in high pitch that was great.
    he sucked live till 1 n a half year before.
    but I saw a remarkable live performance by him this august in some Indepenent Day concert.
    so donno if he wud go for that
    big "NishaaaaaaaaaaaaaN" in concerts (right before the band leaves gumby to rock the drums alone in the song )
    and also must mension
    :Ali Humza

    if anyone has heard his solo unplugged songs available on net.
    his "Tan Dole" the whole song is in high pitch and he really can do that.
    and his "long gone days" he sang it in low pith.
    he really is more able singer than Ali I think.

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    falcon eyes is offline Beginner
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    May 2005
    i think .....(bunny & aatif aslam ) r the best hi S singers

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    Tabish's Avatar
    Tabish is offline Beginner
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    Jun 2005
    atif aslam is not a high scale singer ..........najam and ali azmat are ......if u dont agree .....ok then try to sing any atif song " aadat, dilharay or.." and then sing " na re na" in orignal scale!!


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