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    invincible2k is offline Guitarist
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    May 2004

    hey Gals/Guys Stop posting only Jal Chords

    hi to everyone i wanna mention one thing is there only one band in Pakistan name JAL that have good songs and chords and i have seen the same song same chords wid diffrent persons(Copy Paste) so Guys/Gals stop posting the same and only JAL chords and try to post new songs of JAL or anyother band chords/tabs we have Junoon Vital Sign Noori Strings EP Aaroh Aamir Zaki Fakhir Call Haroon Ali Zafar Mizraab Mizmaar Shahzad Roy Mekaal Hasan etc.......... but plz don't post the same chords/tabs that is already posted by anyone else try some new songs even if any do copy paste then try to search new songs :P ok guhur and atif both are best but its not the only band that sung songs and plz don't post the same corrected and non corrected version of JAL i m feedup wid this JAL War comments of others about JAL i like both atif and guhur they are at their best wish best of luck to both hope u Gals/Guys listen to that don't try to make funny comments about that post thx ok take care Bye

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    ImR@|\| is offline GuiTar MaNiaC
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    Oct 2004
    MAn JaL Is Lyk MetAllICa in U.S
    | M lܣ |

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    zain is offline Beginner
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    Sep 2004
    yh right .. .. lolzzzzzzzzz

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    momli is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2004
    huhh imran com on yar ... improve your music sense ... jals not even a shit of metallica ... metallicas more than being just their dad ...

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    Priyank_Jal_fan's Avatar
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    Aug 2005

    I think we should interpret these loop divergences,
    not as a break down of the supergravity theories,
    but as a break down of naive perturbation theory.
    In gauge theories, we know that perturbation theory breaks down at strong coupling.
    In quantum gravity, the role of the gauge coupling,
    is played by the energy of a particle.
    In a quantum loop one integrates over So one would expect perturbation theory, to break down.

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    Dec 2004
    acorn guts
    enuff of this ... invincible .. you've made your point no need to drag a fruitless convo here .. thread closed



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