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    Sep 2005

    Guitars, pedals, processor, amps for sale

    yamaha RGX 520J Guitar with 2 emg humbuckers (floyd rose wid tremelo) price:8ks

    les paul copy honey burst color really gud condition price 6k

    Boss MD-2 Distortion Pedal price 3ks
    Dunlop ZW-45 Zakk wylde signature CryBaby Wah price: 9k

    Zoom 505 II price 2.5ks

    Yamaha J-25 amp [25 Watss wid a 12' speaker) price 4ks
    Fernandes amp [20W wid an 8 inch speaker] price 2ks

    prices are negotiable.. interested ppl call me up on 0345-3139853

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    Jul 2004
    whats ks ???

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    Dec 2005
    K = kilo = 1000

    Hence, 3 K = 3 x 1000 = 3000

    Can you put up your sound samples of MD-2? With different gain/drive levels
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    pics of the guitar...
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    K is the Ipmerial Unit of Thousand

    1K = 1000

    and 8Ks = 8000 Rs .. :D
    ThE FuNnIEsT ThINg AbOut tHIs pARtiCuLAr sIGnAtuRE iS ThAt bY tHe tIMe yOU rEaLIZe iT DoEsN'T sAy anYTHiNG AND iT'S tO laTE tO sTOp rEaDINg



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