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Thread: Guitar Solos

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    Unhappy Guitar Solos

    i'm a beginner... and i think i need to listen to some good solos before i can begin playing by myself ****DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY PLACE WHERE I CAN DOWNLOAD SOME GOOD PAKISTANI GUITAR SOLOS**** Pleaseee help me out here guyz... Thanks

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    abu dhabi
    yaar guitar solosss.....juss lsn da songs....Juss lsn some junoon songs and Mizraab - Insan
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    It's good that u wanna get into leading (solo), but i will still ask you to step the gas slowly instead of playing listening to songs and trying things.. with all ur guns blazing, u can download from [SNIP], u can look for good songs in the "underground section" which got some nice rhythm, plucking, and solo's ofcourse , try "khushee by nabeel nihal" i will still say don't pick it for ur solo listen to slow solos and rhythm using power chords.. hmm u can even try "mil tu zara by anteshezia" it's a nice track as well.. keep rocking dude, enjoy ur guitar... ..
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