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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamasteen
    Death_Metal_Fan, that solo by Alan Holdsworth was incidental if you are talking about the song "FRED" which anyway lasts only for 2 seconds. Phenomenal run from 4:30-4:32 minutes, but that doesn't make him the fastest guitarist always coz it doesn't happen all the time in all the songs.

    Muz Guitarist, I'm going to my village (very very remote village ok?) to find out if any Tarzan can swing from tree to trees faster than Michael Angelo i'll come back to you and reply if i find one.. heheh before that no point talking about the fastest Guitarist coz there is only one Angelo, whose music is so dull anyhow.
    Thank you for proving my point. If I say Alan Holdsworth is the fastest guitarist and someone else says Michael Angelo Batio is the fastest, does that make either of us wrong? Such threads in my opinion are pointless. There's alwats someone who's going to have a different opinion than yours.

    And yes the 4:30 to 4:32 run in Fred is nothing short of phenomenal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayswami
    i am the fastest guitarist. i once got a speeding ticket driving at 105 mph on a 60 mph speed limit road. i had 2 guitars in my car at that time. I think that would make me the fastest guitarist
    Jayswami, that is nothing compared to my friend who can make a whole guitar in just one day. And in that case, he is the fastest guitarist alive!
    And BTW my guitar was shipped by plane ... :D so get behind me hahaha

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    Steve Vai Is da fastest u chek out pal ur self...

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    First you say Slash then you say Steve Vai, have you even hear of Michael Angelo Batio dude or Chris Impelletteri for that matter?
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    well i guess after me the world's fastest guitarist is Alan Holdsworth ................


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