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    Dec 2004
    xulfi n naqbeel nihall ( though naqbeel need 2 improve on heavier side)
    I SePeRate MySelF FroM The ReSt !


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    Quote Originally Posted by har1s
    u guyz know strebben?? well their guitarist is AWESOME.... plays solos on a very very high speed...i swear..i saw him play live ...he rawks !!
    but he TOTALLY lacks feeling in his guitarin. Seems like a bunch of random notes in a scale which don't rlly give any kind of emotion.

    btw, slipknot 666, xulfi said himself that he ain't that great... i mean he's only been playin for like 7 years. And i agree with u on nihal even though i won't say he's teh best but ya he duz need to improve on his heavy side... but rightnow he should start thinkin bout a comeback into the music industry.
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    I shall head the guitar pro awareness program... lol

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    Feb 2006
    the majority of the people here dont know anything about guitaring. everyone i a critic.

    pakistan has a few guitarist which are very good. faraz anwar has to be the best. no doubt. listen to his instrumental album. no1 appreciates him in pakistan. and thats just bs

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    Apr 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Salman Ahmed is best
    dudes melody is just simply the best

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    jawwad is offline Newbie
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    May 2005
    Gohar is a piece of shit, at ma part i think it is right. Yar u guys are trying to compare this fool as a great guitarist. even underground band can play better than him.

    Amir Zaki and Xulif no doubt about it. Really best guitarist. If dont agree with me just listen the solos that Xulfi has made.

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    Nov 2006
    I am new to Pak Rock. Atif Islam led me to look into pakistani rock. Need to know more about others.

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    Jul 2007
    yaar faraz bhai is best guitarist in pakitan\

    i learnt how to play guitar frim faraz bhai..

    Faaraz anwar rockss


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