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    Unhappy Cant understand guitar tabs but can play chords ?

    GUYS im desperate, i seriously need help, i should be playing a lot better than what i actually play, i dont practice that much because i dont know WHAT to practice, u know what i mean...........its like i understand a few chords but i dont know what to do with tabs, its like i dont know how to play tabs, i dont understand them at all and i've been trying like hell but still no use, i need help, somebody there an easy way of learning tabs...i really need to learn it, its about time....PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ, anyone...
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    u need practise..
    u can eother go to a teacher..
    or u can go to many sites which offer free guitar lessons..

    and several others..
    they wil teach u form the very basics..

    have patience and practise a lot..
    good luck!!
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    gosh ... u should probably just search this site for some posts on how to read tabs ...

    check this:
    how to play and read tabs and play helpfull

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    Dont worry theres plenty to learn!!! its good uve been saving all your energy so far by not practising..coz u will need it when it comes to the wonderful world of scales,modes,chords,keys and more exciting stuff..welcome to the real world (as morpheus from matrix ) wud say
    Good luck.
    P.S: gurus are always knocking about waiting to hear from beginners like just pm or ask in the beginners forum...
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