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    da only guy i think rokkz is ALI AZMAT i mean come on guyz ave u ppl heard his song lyke mangagan or neela asman frm his album social circus... i mea he is simply da best n agar baki saab itne ache hotay specially fr u guyz jinhain atif aur farhan pasand hain ppl atif ka album aur jal ka album doono india mein release hoi hain then y da hell ali azmat became da singer of da nation on b4u music aur i think aap loogoun mein se kisi ne bhi ali azmat ka social circus live nahi dekha tha the musik per i mean u guyz cant even differentiate dat ke kiya yeh banda live ga raha hai yan peechay recording chal rahi hai............

    PEACE _\m/

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    Yeah.. i agree.. considering Ali Azmat never got the kind of training and environment as some of the other singers had.. like Sajjad Ali.. Ahmed Jahanzeb.. Shafqat Amanat Ali..

    Still.. Atif and Farhan.. bohat are quite new, eventhough their voice has qualitities, but the vocal maturity is just not there.. its gonna develop over time.. and they may go even farther..


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