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    TALHA YKLO is offline Newbie
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    May 2009

    badly neeed a good guitar effects processor

    hi guitar not new to guitar playing.but badly need a good guitar fx processor
    like Boss ME 10 or any susequent model of the same series.if some of the friends have the same one n ready to sell, im willing to buy.any other processor except ZOOM, can do the trick.
    waiting for a favourable responce.

    peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    faiqrock's Avatar
    faiqrock is offline XaiQ
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    May 2005
    Go for Behringer Vamp2

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    Jan 2006
    PODXT LIVE is a very good processor and emulates very accurate sounds. I use it along with EMG DG-20 pickups setup in my fender strat and it sounds very nice. Omran Shafique in coke studio sessions is also using the same processor.



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