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    [Discussion] If you could play like this.

    Where do you think you would be if you could play this? This guy definitely doesn't belong on streets, specially among the people who doesn't even care about his talent. He's using a simple clean tone yet it's so cool! This is an old video I found on you tube and I'm sure he must have moved on to the next step of success.

    Check out the video at

    Guitar Talent Video

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    Ah, i dont know about success. For someone who can appreciate what he's doing, he's someone who should be given a studio deal. But for people who want hackneyed crap, he's not really someone worth paying attention to, as the people walking by clearly convey. It's a damn shame really, we had a guy like this in Philly. He was a jamaican dude and he played flamenco and my oh my he was so good to listen to. But nothing came of it. He couldnt get anything cause of it. That's just the state of the music industry.
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    well that's sad then

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    You people are right. If he got lucky, he would be in the next step of success, but if not, he would be the Jamaican guy i Phily.

    Just imagine how many talents are not seen, heard, recognised, dead or killed!!!.

    Success stories:
    There are many egs, Boy George, UB 40, The Beatles etc. I suppose its a question of luck.

    Its just a thought, you may agree or you may not.

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    Amazed to see his guitar skills and sad to see him like that way :S...



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