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Thread: Yamaha F310

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    xiinus is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2008

    Question Yamaha F310


    I am a newbie to guitar zone . . . and am going to buy my first guitar . . . at Bharat Music House, Lajpat Nagar -New Delhi . . .

    Can you please tell me, if the choice made is correct? The guy is asking me 6k with softshell and a pick . . .

    I went thru the Buying Guide and plan to play Em with strokes UUDDUD and see if it strums good enough . . . any other checks to perform . . .

    I couldn't get a hang of tuning the guitar, so am going to ask the chop guy to tune it for me? will that be ok . . .

    currently looking for some teacher/institute else would've cajoled one to come along . . . :( . . .

    Please help, all suggestions and thoughts invited . .

    - xiinus

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    Jun 2006
    New Delhi
    if u are new u wont probably even know wat Em sounds like.................howeva Yamaha F - 310 is a good guitar wid melodius voice,,, all in all a good guitar.....ask da shopkeeper to throw in a bag wid cushioning and an extra pack of strings......u will need atleast 5 or 6 new picks as we tend to loose dem pretty quickly.........i suggest u try searching at some new places for da same guitar maybe u will get a better deal ........dere's a bhatia musicals in Khana Market in Lodhi Colony...........or try searching at bhargava's in daryaganj...............


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    Apr 2009
    anyone know the current price of yamaha acoustics??? i heard that f210 are not mage anymore it true?

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    uses28 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2010
    i bought today yamaha f310 at 6900 (including gig bag + set of strings + some set of picks)

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    Way to revive a two year old thread. As Zaphod says, "Even the ghosts will have settled down and raised families by now."
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