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    Aug 2008

    Where can I buy IBANEZ V70 CE in Delhi

    Hi all,

    I am buying my first guitar and I want to buy a good one. My taste in music is more towards Rock than Metal. I made up my mind for IBANEZ after reading many threads here in IGT. I went to Raj Musicals, Bhargavas and also Bhatia Musicals. These are 3 major and good shops I found in New Delhi.
    But Only Bhargava has Ibanez V70 CE but he is selling it for Rs. 8325/-
    where as i checked the prices on the net and its for approx. 150$ (meaning 6000 Rs).
    If anyone out here can guide me where to go and hwere else i can try to get this guitar. I tried V70 CE at Bhargavas and i liked the feel and tone of the guitar. I also saw Hofner HA-S01 ( for 9000Rs) but I dont know if its genuine or dupe. Other than that Bhatia Musicals suggested Takamine and Washburn since they do not have Ibanez V70 CE. I am looking for an Acoustic/electric with in the range of 10,000 Max including the case and guitar tuner.
    Please help me out. If i cant find IBANEZ V70 CE and then which model of takamine or Washburn you suggest.
    Any help/info is appreciated.


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    Aug 2008

    Finally bought my first guitar!!


    I finally bought my first guitar. Lyon by Washburn (Model No. LA45 ENM)
    from Bhatia Musicals at Khanna Market, New Delhi. I had gone to buy an Ibanez V70 CE but they didnt have any acoustic-electric guitar with cutaway other than Washburn. The owner played the guitar for me and he recommended this guitar to me. I liked the build, finish and the full sound of the guitar too.
    I purchased it for 6000 Rs (a free soft carry bag along with it) and 650 for a Kaps tuner. So all in all 6650/-

    I hope its a good buy and its a good guitar for a novice like me.





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