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    When to advance to an electric guitar ?

    I've been playing the acoustic guitar for around one-and-a-half years now . I've many-a-times heard that you have to play the acoustic guitar for atleast 2 years before you can advance to an electric one . Is this true ?

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    @Popoya - Have you seen one of these 'Red Label Tea' ad on TV ? No body knows who told it, but everyone just passes it around ...

    What I mean to say is, you are the best judge and you know when you need to make the shift. What kind of music do you play ? Where do you normally play ? Does the kind of music you play requires you to use Electric Guitar .. you know the answer for these.

    If there is something specific you'd want to know about .. then don't hesitate to ask, you'll find tons of guys here who'll help you !


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    well Acoustic and Electric are not ranks,. only those who plays good acoustic are not going to electric. (even i had this doubt when i was learning guitar/music) they are just sound, our taste and our style. you started learning with acoustic and now you want to play electric. just go and get a good guitar. if you are not sure which one to buy search the forums there are 100 topics on this.

    one of my friend learnt guitar and she didnt start with an acoustic. she got an electric guitar as a gift on her B'day, and she started learning from it. the thing is handling, little tricks you use, controlling sounds (if distortion) which we wont do on acoustic. you'll know the difference when you start playing with an electric! Rock on
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    There are many ppl who start out with electric guitar, and later wish to switch to acoustic style.
    So its about different styles ...

    Similarly we have ppl on the other side too. Starting with acoustic, and switching over to electric.
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