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    hey RBJ ...........ur username inspired by bjr??
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    Quote Originally Posted by RBJ
    But I am confused about the chords and tabs. Is there any relation between tabs and chords..? As I saw tabs as well as chords for the same song on

    the chords section tells u the NAME of the chords - u r expected to know how to play it

    the tabs section show u how to play the song - whether notes or chords

    but lets say Chord C = {X,3,2,0,1,0}
    whats the equivalent tab for single string.?
    this is the tab for C chord
    E |-----0------
    B |-----1------
    G |-----0------
    D |-----2------
    A |-----3------
    E |-----0------
    but u cant play a chord on a single string by definition

    how do we play a chord do we have to strike all the strings n leave the ones wiz an X i've tried but it does not seem good
    yep u gotta strike all strings at one stroke - u can "damp" the X string (touch it lightly so that it does not ring)
    u may not b applying enough pressure on the string or u may be touching the fret which is why its not sounding good
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    ur rite manoj!!!!!!!!!!

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    Question Problem in Reading Notes

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a beginner in Guitar learning.........
    I have attached one file with this post which shows the notation on the fretboard (This was provided to me by the Guy who used to teach me)
    But the problem is I am not able to find any Songs tab in this format.......
    Can any1 pls pls help me for this..........

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    is there any relation between chords and the bass?? like an E chord on the six string..will it be equivalent to an E on the bass?

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    yaa their is a relation B/W chords and bass, for any chord their are its relative bass notes, you can play these bass note for that particular chord.
    example:- for G chord u can play G note on e string on bass or open d string
    or even B. And u will see that all these notes together form G chord, so u can only play bass notes relative to their chord , other wise it will not sound good.

    And u have these bass notes played along chord in same guitar on in bass guitar seperatly.

    u might have seen thing like D/A or A/E or C/B in chord progression
    it means for D chord A note is played in its background as bass
    for Chord A , notes E is played in its bass
    and last for C chord B is played as bass


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