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    What are Scale and how to move finger quickly over fretboard

    hi everyone can anyone tell me why we use scale and how move my fingers quickly over fret borad i can play chords very well but there is a problem for me in scaling and why scale are used to remember notes in fret borad or move my fingers quickly over all strings if anyone help me about scaling and figer practicing then add me or and if u need any help in chords then you can ask me ok bye u all and thx in advance

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    Hey invincible, have you read the tutorial on scales and soloing in the tutorials section ? I think the concept of scales will be pretty clear if you just read that thread. Regarding fast finger movement see the site, there is an article on how to achieve speed while playing. about finger practicing there was a thread in this section where rabi had posted some exercises, i'll send you the link as soon as i find it. and regarding how scales help you to remember notes on the fretboard, i think first you must memorize the fretboard and then move on to scales.
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