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man... listen to some quality music... for hindi(bolly) music listen to AR Rahman (RDB is amazing !) and many others like SEL, Kreem, Shantanu, etc.... , and for non-filmi music listen to lucky ali and various new artists from pakistan (jal, strings, atif aslam)... thats called music. Falguni pathak sucks horse arse !!! I guess you're one of those guys who love anu malik, jatin-lalit, nadeem shravan and all that crap....

remember, its all about personal preference.... btw, Falguni pathak is not hot !!! eehhww.....and thats a fact !
No, by what you said, my feelings were hit. Pretty badly. I think that Non Filmi music is untalented (most of it, dont mean to say all). I think its hard to top such maestros such as Falguni Pathak.
If musical tastes are personal preferences, then so is the opinion that she is hot.
So, finished with all the sarcasm; i'll leave you alone