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    What can i practice so that all my other non fretting fingers stay calm?

    Hi, obviously my name is sohail...and im from cali, well i just started playing guitar this last summer...and i took a class for like a half a month, we basically zoomed through our classical guitar lessons, so i'm not that developed as of yet. Well i just recently purchased a fender strat, and playing the guitar is much enjoyable now. I came across this website searching for some shehzahd roy tabs, and i must say...this is a great website/forum.

    I've started that 1 2 3 4 chromatic scale thing, and i've gotten better at it. Is there any other fingering excercises that well improve my finger's responsiveness, and also, what can i practice so that all my other non fretting fingers stay calm, like you know if i go to fret, another finger gives off erratic motions as well, and i get cramps quickly this way! Any advice?

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    u did 1234.

    Now do 1423 2431 Any numbers u can think of.

    For more exercises check the Tutorials page and search for warm up guide
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