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    Question want that thick metal tone!PLEASE HELP

    hey guyz..I have a Yamaha Pacifica 112jmx and Marshall mg15cd amp..I want to play heavy metal on my guitar..I'm going to buy a distortion pedal soon..I've heard that the boss ml-2 metal core is a must have pedal for metal fans..Is it true??? if you know any pedal which is better than boss ml-2,please give me some suggestions..Also my guitar has single coil pickups,does it affects in getting heavy metal tone???PLEASE HELP ME

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    I own that pedal but no matter what they may say the best thing to do is try them out with ur guitar and see how it sounds...different guitars...different amps...different pick ups=different sounds...try to get tone as organic as possible and distortion where one can differentiate between fast riffs...
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    get a good eq if possible....the boss metalzone is the most popular n standard but yup for death metal/metalcore check the metalcore or try sumthin frm digitech as they have genre specific pedals!!..........

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    go for DIGITECH RP 90.. for the best Metal and Rock tones
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