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Thread: Use of Capo???

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    Use of Capo???

    i am writin this to ask bout the uses of capo....
    can they be used to play barre chords..
    Your help will be appreciated....

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    Barre chords work because the first finger acts as a repositioned nut from which open string chord shapes can be built. In practice, this is more complex since you no longer have a first finger to fret individual notes.

    Some guitarist like the way the open string chord shapes sound. Others appretiate the ease with which chord changes can be made. Therefore, some players choose to, instead of forming barre chords, they place a CAPO on a fret instead.

    The capo works by fitting over the strings of the fingerboard and pressing down, using a clamp on the back, acting just as the first finger of a barre chord would word, but now, you have the first finger back, being able to fret individual notes.

    If a capo were fitted on the fifth fret, and a standard E Major chord shape were formed, the resulting chord would be A Major.

    The E Shaped Barre:

    As we worked on above, the E Shaped barre chord works by having the first finger pressed against all the strings of a certain fret.

    After this is done, the remaining three fingers are free to form an E Major chord shape.
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    ^^ Good job bob, Well put.
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