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    Exclamation URGENT: Yamaha vs. Pluto/Granada etc

    Tomorrow , that's Sunday. I'm going to buy my first guitar, an acoustic. I'm faced by a choice between a Yamaha F310 for Rs. 7061, or a much cheaper Pluto, or Granada for about Rs.3000 to Rs. 3500 or a semi acoustic for Rs. 5500 to Rs. 6000. PLEASE tell me which is better.

    I AM A COMPLETE BEGINNER. I'm having a friend(who has played for 4 years), he's insisting on the Yamaha. BUT is it really necessary to spend that much?? Is it worth that much???

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    Yamaha is best option u got and is worth the price... but all depends on wat u r up to.

    I had seen many starting to learn guitar. then they find it tough and leave in 1st month of learning. So if by any chance ur will is not strong enough and u may leave in mid, dont buy expensive guitar. If not then; Yamaha is best choice in sound quality. after that Granada jambo comes which will cost around 4k and gives good sound specially for rhythms for cheaper option.

    But if u going to learn for sure.. better get yamaha.

    BTW i personally own a GB&A guitar which costed me around 5.7k and i love that.

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    rcazador is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2009
    thanks man, I'll get the Yamaha, just so that I won't quit ^_^

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