m observed that atif aslam iz awsome in guitar
playing he holds different chords like hona tha
pyar he used different chords tht sounds cool with
chuck technique i hv searched abt tht . then i
hv found mostly he use power chords on acoustic
guitar... so hv learned power chord (of 6 th string
and 5th string) shape bt some power chords are
nu-figurable 4 me i m giving link here for video
of that unknown power chord

hona tha pyar orignal chord used by atif : http://*
Hona Tha Pyar (BOL) - Original Chords - www.urduguitar.blogspot.com - YouTube

jalpari atif guitar lesson : http://*
Jalpari by Atif Aslam Guitar Lesson - www.urduguitar.blogspot.com - YouTube

jalpari orignal atif : http://www.youtube.com/*

these all links giving info of chords by atif bt wht iz root of these chords ? i need tht all power chords info