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    Can you post which chords you are playing in the rocknroll file

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    pls check my earlier message in same thread

    rock n roll
    played with all downstrokes - chords are A, D, E
    here u can play the open A chord with th index finger & use ur 3rd & 4th finger to get the in-between notes as shown below

    then just slide th whole pattern up 5 frets to get the D chord& slide up 7 frets to get the E chord
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    shifted from paradise city to Axe Land:D
    i never had a problem wid strumming.


    that is DAMM DIFFICULT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!
    i couldn't get u.
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    Wink dudesss...

    i dunno - i get the strummin bit naturally
    just hear the song carefully....even semiconciously
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    regarding the chords such as C major, B major etc.........playing them barred using 2 fingers as suggested by notty and the rest is a good way.............n even i used that way to play these chords..............but i would never say that its a good practice..........the best practice is the conventional style i.e index finger to barre all the strings and middle,ring and pinky one for holding those three strings ...........because the sound itself for the strummin only is not important.........i can bet most of u who play these chords with 2 fingers will notice that ur ring finger tend to rest on the 'e' matter how well u try.......unless ur ring finger has some real flexibility (which is not common) it will tend to rest on 'e' the best way is to use the conventional takes time to get fluent with it..........but it does pay off big time!
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    I'm Danny, n I've been playing for a little over 2 yrs now.. was taught from a friend a little .. n since then its all been my effort.. so I have no training ..

    there one problem I face n its very bugging..
    though strumming comes naturally to me.. but there are songs when I find it very hard to strumm n sing along..
    Allah ke bande being a classic case.. I can play the song.. I can sing it too.. but I find it hard to do both at the same time..

    even 2 steps behind.. I find it hard to play n sing..

    so normally I end up making acoustic versions of these songs.. :-)
    what should I do.. ?
    Light 'em up

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    Mar 2006
    hey i am saurabh n i have been learning guitar for the past i month and i ave learnt only 3 chords yet and also some hindi songs .could someone help me out . i mostly use first and second fingers in playing tabs . so plz tell me some exercises in using all my fingers . and plz get me more tabs of hindi and english songs

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    how do u strum allah ke bande .. n wich chords r used?????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by zing
    pls check my earlier message in same thread

    what is that from

    ahhhhh i heard that before cant remember

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    May 2006
    hi vishwa,
    am having problem in strumming of the song allah ke bande .So,if u can the please help me out by mailing it on my email address


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