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    Tuning the guitar?

    Hi, I am not exactly sure how I should tune my guitar? How often should I do it? How do I know if to or not? I don't have any electronic tuners or pitch pipes...I am a beginner...
    I found couple of online tuners, but they vary...which one should i go with for standard tuning (ebgdae)? I also don't want to break my strings while tuning? I am really afraid of tuning if i break my strings...plz help what should i do?

    if i learn with my guitar off tune, it'll be of no plz help...

    can i do like "sa"note in all strings to be equal and all others too? how?


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    most online tuners are in standard..They wont be accurate but you could get an approximate and then train your ear to match thenotes on 2 strings.
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    download a tuner,

    or any other software 4 tuning,prefer to tune it by plugging ur guitar using ur guitar's pickup.
    however it would be best to invest in a digital tuner.

    it is also advisable to stick to the standard EADGBE tuning.
    since most of the material avalible 4 starters in in this tuning.



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